Multi-functional doors – single and double leaf versions, manufactured from either stainless steel or stylish aluminium. All adaptations offer safe and secure locks.

The range of effective fire and smoke safety solutions includes strong steel doors, frame structures with multi-level glazing allowing for infinite expanding, large sliding and sectional fire doors, as well as complementary smoke-tight assemblies preventing spreading of poisonous gases.

Anti-burglar doors protect private property in basement and attic accommodation, secure entrances to apartment in multifamily houses and items at risk of being stolen.

High quality TopComfort line of entrance doors by Hörmann guarantees not only protection against wind and bad weather, but thanks to anti-invasion properties protect against burglary. Thanks to Arcant type roof with matching surface and pattern-design you don’t have to stand in the rain. Side doors matching garage doors by Hörmann company complement this rich offer.