High quality surfaces
Sliding gates system, double swing gates and swing gates have the best stainless steel surface currently available on the market. Elements are fire galvanized and additionally can be powder coated. Powder coating of galvanized surfaces gives the product the desired aesthetic quality and prevents the oxidation of zinc.


Our gates and swing gates are made with regard to detail using modern and proven solutions. We cooperate with proven suppliers of materials well respected in the industry and conforming to current norms and standards.

Automatic Systems
Any gate can be supplied with a high-class automatic system with remote control. The standard set of equipment consists of an actuator, control system, two-channel remote control, photocell (toothed bar for sliding gates), and optionally a key switch, warning lamp and an aerial to increase the working range of the remote control.

Gates and swing gates system applications:
- Factories,
- Private premises,
- Warehouses,
- Public buildings,
- Sports Facilities
- Airports
- Military Establishments,

Available versions:
- Fire galvanized
- Fire galvanized and powder coated